Additional Screenings (MRI, CT Scan, Bone Scan)

The Oncologist Surgeon, Dr. Hoover puts an order to have more additional screenings to check and see if my cancer hasn’t spread to other organs and to the bones. The Doctor wanted to also have the MRI done to see if it is not on the other breast. All this is the start of an overwelming cancer fighting journey. So here we go again with more testing and poking.

The results of the MRI came back negative for cancer on my other breast but was concerning for the CT and bone scan. These tests showed that there was a suspicious lesion that was found on my spine.

The Radiologist recommended that I have a bone biopsy. After reviewing the result with the Surgeon, she recommended that I have the bone biopsy.

It will try to contain the tumor, which becomes known as a cyst.

However, she also wanted me to see the Medical Oncologist first and see What the Doctor will say. This situation just made me more anxious and overwelmed. I just wanted to take a break from all this and concentrate on my kids graduation. I had my daughter graduating from High School and my son was graduating from Middle School.

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