Last Chemotherapy

An image of my last Chemo
Last Chemo Waiting For My Ride

My last chemo was on December 18th and it was great to have completed it but it is not over with my treatment.  This is part of my journey.   The chemo was done first to shrink the tumor since it was over the size where the Doctor can operate.

Now that I have completed the 14 cycle chemo treatment, I will then do scans and see My Medical Oncologist for further recommendations of treatment.   I have scans to see how well the chemo worked and to check if it has not gone anywhere else in my body.   The CT scan helps to see how much the tumor had shrunk and seen all other organs.

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Going For A Second Opinion

I was so disappointed with the Oncologist that I transferred my records to another cancer Center that was closer to me. The clinic was just 15 mins. away from home and Dr. Apuri came highly recommended by the Oncologist Nurse that leads the breast cancer support group.

I wanted to see if this Doctor can provide me with another type of treatment that does not require having to do chemotherapy. After, my first visit with her it was exactly the same as the first Doctor. This Doctor was just as bad as the first one and I found out that this Doctor was a past student of Dr. Ismail-Khan at Moffitt. I was told exactly the same as the first Doctor.

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Meeting With the Cancer Treatment Team

After receiving the bad news over the phone, I was scheduled to meet with the Oncologist Surgeon at Moffitt Cancer Center. The appointment was on May 4th and I met with Dr. Susan Hoover who is going to be my Surgeon. On this appointment, I was told about the type of breast cancer I have and what is going to be my treatment plan.

The Doctor explained to me the details of my cancer.

I was diagnosed to have Invasive Lobular Carcinoma which is a type of cancer that begins in the milk- producing glands(lobules) of the breast. Invasive means that the cells broke out and spread to the Lymph Nodes and other areas of the body. Also the type of cancer I have is fed by estrogen hormones. Which have me at a Estrogen positive, Progesterone negative and HER2 Negative.

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