Going For A Second Opinion

I was so disappointed with the Oncologist that I transferred my records to another cancer Center that was closer to me. The clinic was just 15 mins. away from home and Dr. Apuri came highly recommended by the Oncologist Nurse that leads the breast cancer support group.

I wanted to see if this Doctor can provide me with another type of treatment that does not require having to do chemotherapy. After, my first visit with her it was exactly the same as the first Doctor. This Doctor was just as bad as the first one and I found out that this Doctor was a past student of Dr. Ismail-Khan at Moffitt. I was told exactly the same as the first Doctor.

My treatment would continue as chemotherapy first and then surgery and then radiation. At this point, I was going to walk away from treatment. I was looking into other Doctors but one that would look at nutrition as part of my treatment. I wanted to go holistically but there were no Doctors here that is an integrative Doctor.

I searched online and made many calls to Doctors that would treat cancer using an integrative approach but they were far away and expensive. Insurance does not cover these type of holistic treatments. I came across Cancer Treatments Of America which treats the patient with the integrative approach but the closest center was located in Atlanta, Georgia and did not take HMO Insurance only PPO type health insurance. Again I was so overwhelmed and disappointed.

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