Last Chemotherapy

An image of my last Chemo
Last Chemo Waiting For My Ride

My last chemo was on December 18th and it was great to have completed it but it is not over with my treatment.  This is part of my journey.   The chemo was done first to shrink the tumor since it was over the size where the Doctor can operate.

Now that I have completed the 14 cycle chemo treatment, I will then do scans and see My Medical Oncologist for further recommendations of treatment.   I have scans to see how well the chemo worked and to check if it has not gone anywhere else in my body.   The CT scan helps to see how much the tumor had shrunk and seen all other organs.

The bone scan looks at all the bones and to see if any changes were made with regards to cancer on my spine.   I am scheduled for the scans on December 21st, 2018 and then l see the Dr on the 27th for the results.   I just have to wait and see what the Doctors are going to recommend for my continued treatment.

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