Meeting With My Medical Oncologist

During the early month of February of 2018, I started to feel a lump on my left breast and it looked different because it also had a dippling but I didn’t think nothing of it since I’ve had a cyst in the past and it was benign, so I ignored it. By early March, I started to have some pain and it was radiating up to my shoulder and under my armpit. It was a cause for concern, so I made an appointment to see my primary care Doctor.

I was scheduled to meet with my Medical Oncologist at Moffitt on May 23rd to go over my treatment plan and meet with the rest of my cancer treatment team. I had a early appointment to meet with Dr. Ismail Kahn and I first impression of her was not good.

The Doctor had no bedside manners and she lacked compassion. She was cold with me and I felt like she was just wanting to treat the disease and not me as a person.

The Doctor right away explained the type of cancer I had according to the biopsy and the regimen that she has prepared for me to fight this disease. She said that I will be going through 4 months of Chemotherapy followed by surgery and radiation.

She said that I have an aggressive form of cancer that is called Invasive Lobular Carcinoma. After a point of her explaining the chemo, She said that the side effects would be losing my hair and having fatigue, Nausea and vomiting and other effects that the Oncolgist Nurse will go over with me before my treatment.

It was the way she said it that turned me off and I said I am going to get a 2nd opinion. I was so afraid of having to go through chemo because of all the bad stories I heard about it. I was very upset and i did not want that poison inside me and there had to be another way.

The Doctor asked me that if I didn’t do the chemo that i would not have too much to live. If I didn’t I was looking to have only a 2 year survival rate because by then the cancer would spread to my organs. It was already in my spine.

According to the Doctor my cancer was resulted on my estrogen hormone receptor being positive and it has already spread to the Lymph Nodes and possibly be on my spine according to the CT Scan and bone Scan. The only way to be able to confirm if the cancer spread to my spine is to do a biopsy.

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