Meeting With the Cancer Treatment Team

After receiving the bad news over the phone, I was scheduled to meet with the Oncologist Surgeon at Moffitt Cancer Center. The appointment was on May 4th and I met with Dr. Susan Hoover who is going to be my Surgeon. On this appointment, I was told about the type of breast cancer I have and what is going to be my treatment plan.

The Doctor explained to me the details of my cancer.

I was diagnosed to have Invasive Lobular Carcinoma which is a type of cancer that begins in the milk- producing glands(lobules) of the breast. Invasive means that the cells broke out and spread to the Lymph Nodes and other areas of the body. Also the type of cancer I have is fed by estrogen hormones. Which have me at a Estrogen positive, Progesterone negative and HER2 Negative.

It will try to contain the tumor, which becomes known as a cyst.

The Doctor went over the treatment plan with me but also explained that I would need additional screenings to see if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. The Doctor also wanted me to get genetic testing for the Braca1 and Braca2 gene.

The treatment plan was to have Chemotherapy for 4 months to try to shrink the tumor since it was between 3 to 5cm long ( over 1.772 inches long). The Dr was not sure to stage the cancer yet until all the tests are done to see the whole picture.

If the cancer is found on another part of the body( organ) then it would be metastisized and it would be considered a stage 4 incurable cancer. depending on the results of the tests then after chemo would be surgery followed by radiation.

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