Metastatic Breast Cancer

After having done my radiation, my treatment never ends. I have to continue treatment indefinitely because with metastatic breast cancer there is no cure. The following treatment would be my new normal.

My Oncologist Doctor put me on a chemotherapy pill called Ibrance and a hormone Blocker called Letrozole for 3 months to serve if these combination drugs can reduce the cancers that spread. After taking these meds that gave me severe pain and side effects. I had to see other doctors to help with the side effects. This is my supportive care team. This team helps with integrative care while under treatment.

This department consists of pain management, nutrition, and mental health therapies. After the 3 months on these meds, it was time to see if the treatment is working by doing PET and Bone Scans. I also have to have an MRI. I told my Treatment team of the pain I was having and I knew something was not right.

I did not get to see the Doctor but my nurse practitioner and it was not given the attention I needed. So it was devastating to get bad news from my scans and MRI. Another set back to worry about. I always say to trust your gut and be your own advocate or have someone that can speak for you on your behalf w you feel something is wrong.

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