Oncologist Surgeon

I saw the Surgeon on January 2nd 2019 and she discussed with me my next step to fighting this cancer.  Dr. Hoover and the rest of the treatment team recommend doing a mastectomy because I was not a candidate to save the breast.   The tumor was still large and the chemo did not do much of a change to reduce it.

As she is telling me this, I felt so overwhelm ed and wanted to know if there is any other way to save the breast.  I felt like I am still young at 51 and without having a breast would be devasting to me.  I am very self-conscious with my body and going through this will destroy me and put me in a deep depression.

It was also hard to accept that it won’t be possible to do reconstruction and put an implant because of my stage 4 diagnosis.  After surgery, I have to go through radiation for 6 weeks. All this news made me more depressed.  So I told the Dr. that there is no way I can live like this.  She recommends that I see a Psychological Dr. to help me deal with this situation.

Its have the surgery and prolong your life as possible or do not have it and take a chance and let the tumor get out of control and spread and maybe live 2 to 5 yrs.  I had to make this choice within a week or two.  I felt that I have no other choice.  I was strongly for not having the surgery.  The The surgeon wants me to go see the medical Oncologist, Dr. Khong and explain the reasons for the importance of going forward with the surgery.

The surgeon also put an order for another MRI and 3D mammogram. This is scheduled for Jan. 10th.

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