Procedures Prior To Treatment

I couldn’t wait any longer because it was already almost 2 months since I was diagnosed and I haven’t started treatment.  Prior to starting the chemo, I had to have a port implanted on my upper right chest right below the collarbone.  This is where the chemo will be going in and where the Nurses draw the blood.  This is to make the chemo go in without having to keep poking me to find a vein and It goes in faster through the port.  I had the port put in on June 29th and then I had to see the Doctor and Oncologist Nurse after I healed.

July, I had blood work is done which came back good to go forward with chemo.  I also had to go over the side effects which was going to occur during my chemo treatments.  I really did not want to go through with it but It seems like I didn’t have much of a choice.  The nurse explained how I would start the treatment with 2 different chemo cocktails that will have me in the chair for about an hour and a half and each one is called a cycle and the first 4 will be the two different chemos and the last set would be one that would run for 3 hours into my body.

As she read the side effects, I started to cry because it was too much to take in. She said that my hair would fall out by the 2nd cycle of treatment.  Also, I would have Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fatigue and so forth.

I really did not want to go through this but there was no other way.  So I signed the papers to agree to the treatment. I knew it was going to be a tough road ahead but I had to see the positive side to all this.  I can fight this disease or do nothing and risk my life.  This was not going to be an option being a single mother.  I have to live for them and for me.

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