Start of my Oral Treatment

For the start of my metastatic breast cancer treatment, my Oncologist puts me on a type of Chemo pill called Ibrance and a hormone blocker called Letrozole. These meds together suppose to work to attack the cancer cells in my body that has already spread to more areas of the bone and lymph nodes.

Also, each breast cancer is different and fueled by hormones which mine is.. the Dr puts me with this type of meds. My breast cancer has a hormone receptor which is ER-(Estrogen positive) but only by 20% and the progesterone is negative and the HER2 is negative as well.

This means that no hormone blocker will help stop cancer from refueling. So I am on these meds for 3 months which was not working but making the cancer progress. Time to think about getting another medical Oncologist to change my treatment. I researched and knew more than the Doctor. He did not like my approach and I expressed my concern and my disappointment which he did not take likely.