The Biopsy Results

The Biopsy Results confirmed that I had breast Cancer.

I had my biopsy done at Moffitt Cancer Center on April 27th, 2018 and the procedure was not painful. I was put in a room with the ultrasound machine and the core biopsy needle the Radiologist uses to do the biopsy. It took about an hour for the procedure and left with no complications and with a ice pack to put on my breast. I was told to wait about 3 days for the

Now the worse part was waiting for the results..Which I received on May 1st and I was ending my work shift that day. I work at the Elementary School and I was in the school’s front office getting ready to sign out for the day. I remember receiving the call from the nurse practitioner. Hearing those 4 dreadful words..”you have Breast Cancer”. It was like a ton of bricks falling on me…I started to ask the nurse, “are you sure?” There was no doubt with the results that I have breast Cancer.

I started to cry and doing that drew attention on me. I had the front office ladies calm me down until I was to go home. After hearing this dreadful news..I was like in total shock. I didn’t want to believe it.. Now I had to go back to Moffitt to get more tests and to begin a plan for treatment. I continued to think about my 2 kids and How am I going to do this being the only one that provides for them.

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