The Side Effects With My Treatments

The treatment was just as difficult as the disease itself. I was made aware that the treatment is going to be tough on me.  I knew this was going to be a tough journey but I have to do this for my kids and for myself.

I do not want this disease to take my life and leave my kids with no mother.   So I would go through the awful side effects and hope it works for me.   I started with the effects of extreme nausea and vomiting.

It felt like having the flu and food poisoning at the same time.   It also felt like when I had the morning sickness when I was pregnant.   Then I would have the fatigue that would knock me down to extreme tiredness for days.

Also, I think the worse for all women is to know that I was going to lose all of my hair.   This was a tough one for me because I did not want to lose my straight shoulder-length hair that took me a year to grow.   So what I did was cut my hair really short prior to chemo and when I started the first treatment it started to fall off.

Then I decided that it was inevitable about my hair so I had it shaved off.   One of my brothers shaved it off for me.   I would never have thought I would now have no hair. This was the first time in my life that I would have no hair, not even when I was born.   It is what it is and knowing that I am not the only woman going through this makes me embrace it.

I would also experience lack of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, Bone pain, mouth sores, heartburn, acid reflux and end up in the hospital with chest pains, low back pains, and no white blood cells.   The first 3 cycles of chemo were just awful.   I was supposed to have 4 cycles of the A/C chemo drug but the Doctor canceled the final dose because of the side effects was taking a toll on my body.

I lost a significant amount of weight with this chemo.   I went from 144 to 126 in the two months I was on the drug.   At this time, I have thought about giving up and not continue treatment but I have a great amount of Family and friends that are supporting me.   So I will continue to fight for my life.

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