The start of my difficult journey – (My Symptoms)

During the early month of February of 2018, I started to feel a lump on my left breast and it looked different because it also had a dippling but I didn’t think nothing of it since I’ve had a cyst in the past and it was benign, so I ignored it. By early March, I started to have some pain and it was radiating up to my shoulder and under my armpit. It was a cause for concern, so I made an appointment to see my primary care Doctor.

I was due for my annual mammogram so I did on April 12th. I remember the technician’s face when she was doing the mamogram. She had a concerned look on her face and deep down I had a feeling something was not right.

The results came back abnormal and I needed further testing. At that point, my mind was racing and I had a feeling I was not going to have good news. So I had to go do an ultrasound the very next day.

The results was not good. I remember as the day, I went to pick up the report from Rose radiology. The report indicated that I had a malignant tumor.

It will try to contain the tumor, which becomes known as a cyst.

I immediately dropped the report on my lap and started to cry. I thought to myself this can not be so. How can this have happened? I thought about my kids and how I was going to break the news to them. I felt like I was given a death sentence and I knew that I was going to go through a very tough journey. Although I did not have my mammogram on 2016 because…….. I did had it on 2017 and I was told that I was okay. So how is it possible that in such a short time, I have this tumor that is between is 3 and 5cm long? I started to wonder about all the mammograms I had in the past

Dr Kurdi then immediately refer me over to a highly known cancer center, Moffitt Cancer Center. The Doctor contacted Mofffitt Cancer Center to set up an appointment to have a biopsy done. This was the start of my difficult journey to fight cancer and my life would forever change…

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